Saturday, August 04, 2007


We are heading out of town for 5 nights! Kids, Pops, Granny and myself. We rented a cabin in Arnold, a small mountain town with a nearby lake. It will be HOT, 95 and up. I will have to work om my body hair issues and don my yet-to-be-worn bathing suit. I am looking forward to a vacation that is designed to be relaxing. We can play games, go to the lake, go for a drive, read, read, read. I just bought a mindless comedy-mystery book. Perfect. Everything else I picked up was along the lines of "the family is all lovely and fine until...then they go to hell and back". No thanks. Just don't really need that. The kicker is that my TV addicted family will have to cut the cord. No TV. There are movies, which I'm sure we'll OD on, but no TV. So no baseball, cartoon network, Disney Channel etc.
I most likley will not have internet access. And I am addicted to checking e-mail and my budddies blogs. My family is probably cheering that one. I'm still going to take work and try to get current on some stuff. No biggy, I like it. Jennyalice has agreed to care for the guinea piggies and cat and plants. No small job. Expecially when considering she jumped backwards in response to my holding up one of the piggies for to admire. Admiration isn't the word I'd choose for her feelings about the boys. Java Puppy is back to the trainer and Beautiful Brown Sierra will go to the in-laws. I tried to give her to a couple families I know that have had big dogs previously and are Sierra admirers, but all are out of town. She'll be fine. But not as many potential fetch games or loving sessions.
Now that I am an adult, or so I am told. I realize that vacations are always a lot of work for the Mommy in the family. SO MUCH packing. And remembering what to pack. With 5 of us and the need to bring towels (beach, bath and kitchen), pillows and sheets-we are going to be packed to have breathing room only in the car. I'll miss hearing from my buddies...


  1. we'll miss you too.

    have a great time, though. [sob]



  2. I true addict, I downloaded the location of free WiFi hot spot around our vacation spot before we left town.
    If you had not done that, it means that there is still hope for you, my friend.
    Have a great time!

  3. you know i love you when i am basically feeding rats dressed in Chewbacca costumes.. xoxoxoxo