Monday, June 29, 2009

Get your backpack Jack

Pops took Aj backpacking for one night. They hiked 5 miles in to Susie Lake from the Glen Alpine trail head. Pops reports that Aj loved it and did very well! They cooked mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner with hot chocolate for dessert. Pops had the food in a bear proof canister (as is required because of bears in the area). Aj was concerned to hear about the possibility of bears and retreated to the tent at night fall. He reported hearing hearing 3 growls during the night. Pops was unable to collaborate his imagined perceptions. In the am Aj caught 2 brook trout, they got to hike in a bit of snow, and Aj reports liking all the hiking. Pics of my boys. I am so proud.

Lake Tahoe and Fishing

Kids caught their first fish!
AJ was a bit cautious about the fish. Ki was thrilled with the haul and not fearful at all. We fished twice at Sawmill Pond. You have to be 14 or under to fish in the darling, well-stocked pond. Kids caught 5 fish on each occasion and they fed the family twice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Bras

Thank goodness I found 2 new bras today.
I was desperate. The only bra I had suffered a compound fracture of the left underwire and had been puncturing my left breast for too long.


Off to Tahoe with my family (including Granny).
To be honest the thought of dealing with everyone's issues 24/7 (you know what I mean here) is far from relaxing.

Run baby Run

Pops signed he and AJ up for the 4th of July Fun Run here in RWC. Today they went for their first run. Aj sprinted an 8.40 minute mile for the first mile. Then they did the next 2 miles a bit slower and walked some. But basically, my energy boy did 3miles in about 30 minutes. I was there when he got home. He looked great and said he felt that way, too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Therapy Dog

Dear Friends
I am hoping you can give me a hand-
As you know, my beloved 13-year old lab, Sierra, had to be put to sleep last week.
While she had not been evaluated to be labelled a "therapy dog", she basically was.
She frequently joined me in therapy sessions and was often integral in getting my young speech clients to sign, verbalize and demonstrate turn taking. This was especially true for children with ASD and/or apraxia. A few of my favorite memories when working with Leelo (my 8 year old client and friend who has autism)and Sierra are:
When he played fetch with Sierra and his Mom, "Squid", told me he had never thrown a ball so well before. He then continued the turn-taking routine with her for a number of turns.
More recently he became interested in crouching beside her and imitating her.
He enjoyed seeing her "sit" and "lie down" in response to his verbal commands.
During one of our weekly sessions he appropriately asked for her (she was not there that week) by saying, "The Doggie?".

I am looking into getting another doggie.
My hope is to get a dog that can become a certified therapy dog and be an integral part of my speech practice (and of course my family). I am partial to labs and bigger dogs and prefer a female. I have also looked into Australian Labradoodles (of course half the fun there is I could name it "Dude"). I need a dog that is easy going, mellow and easy to train. The difficulty with getting a puppy is you do not know what the personality will be and it takes a while to train them. I would appreciate and leads or thoughts any of you might have on a young dog or puppy that could join me.

NOTE: I have contacted Canine Companions and was denied for a facility dog as they prefer to place dogs in large facilities. I have met with similar road blocks or huge waiting lists with other similar organizations.
Please pass on any good tips!
Please email at: sageslp at

Monday, June 15, 2009

So many feelings

I miss my girl, Sierra. Looking back at pics makes me sad.
She was such a sweetie.
Here she is with Ki and Aj before we took her to the vet. She felt so badly and was still her patient self.
I am looking into how I can get another dog to be a therapy dog. I feel guilty that I should shroud myself in black longer. But I will always love that girl.

Friday, June 12, 2009

my mom called me today to ask if i had sierra with me, because she couldn't find her.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sad Day

A tearful day.
We put Sierra to sleep this afternoon.
Our sweet girl has been with us for 13 years-after arriving as a wedding present at 10 weeks of age.
Seeing the tears of my husband as our brown girl faded was so very sorrowful.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Today was Super Hero Day at school. I dropped off Ki and she was wearing her red Power Ranger costume with the synthetic muscles.