Friday, November 24, 2006


Working to get Special Ed PTA started. Thank goodness for friends who take the bull by the horns and push to rally get it up and going. My procrasinating style and busy life are not a good match for working on things when I don't have a deadline. We are meeting tomarrow for 2 hours! We are a group of women with good ideas, a variety of incredible skills & strengths and balls of steel. The thing that feels so good is that this not going to be a passing idea or comittment. These are women who are out to make a difference. We join together to make a difference for our kids, each others kids and all kids in this district.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Spent the afternoon with AJ. Pops had a client give him 2 tickets to the StaFford game at 12:30 today. AJ and I had a nice time. We drove to Paly and parked and walked in. AJ ate a hotdog, soda, frozen lemonade and dots ice cream. Tickets were free-food was of course, an investment. We lasted until after halftime and then we walked around the stadium and toward the car. I had such a nice time with my boy. He loves sports and appropriately called out, "It's a touchback!" at one point. I feel happy that he has such an interest in sports and follows the games of baseball and football well enough to watch and enjoy. They are such socially acceptable hobbies. He said his favorite part of the game was watching Stafford score a touchdown.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Football

Tonight we were all watching football at our house. AJ (MY SON AKA AS A., WHICH I AM FINDING IS ANnOYING TO TYPE SO HENCE FORTH TO BE KNOWN AS AJ).
Anyway, AJ kept saying, "I wanna play football." I kept cringing at the thought and avoided commenting in return. My husband said, "Well we can always go outside and play."
Just then there was a play in the game where one of the offensive players was hit hard by a guy who came out of nowhere and slammed him up into the air and straight into the ground. Aha I thought! I can use this as a "teaching moment."
"AJ watch the replay. See what happened to him? Doesn't that look like it hurt? Would you want to have that happen?"
What was I thinking? I have a kid who has sensory integration disorder and is a sensory seeker. I drink coffee in the morning. He enjoys running into and bouncing off walls as a good start to his day. In his eyes, football must look like Heaven's idea of exercise.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If you've ever wanted to crawl in the closet with an oreo

"If you've ever wanted to crawl in the closet with an oreo...Tips for parenting a child with special needs"

A book I just bought. Gotta love that title.