Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm obsessed

I am obsessed with buying a place up here. It is so fabulous I can't get over it. The most beautiful, darling lake with paddle boats, kayaks, docks to jump off, sand for building and sleeping on, playground. And driving access to fishing, hiking, state parks. The Stanislaus River. HUGE Lake Alpine. Many places for water sports. Not to mention winter sports of downhill and XX country skiing, sledding etc. Forest, forest, forest. peace, peace, peace. Calavaras state Park (10 min away) has daily Jr Ranger activities. Kids loved it. Cute town of Murphy's nearby (We have not actually visited).
So we are on day 4 1/2 of NEVER having the TV or VCR on.
I am reading real estate ads with Pops. We've got to make this work.
Need to come up here with some other families in the future. This lake has a shallow swim area with lifeguards.
Anyone want to go in on a house/cabin??? We need about $35,000. to $500,00. total. Some come already furnished!
Packing tonight and home tomorrow...:(

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