Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's kinda sick, but I'm doing it anyway

I am on vacation and there is wireless at the lake. I mean AT the lake. I am sitting on a deck AT the lake while I am hooked in. Kids, Pops and Granny are 25 feet away on the beach. But really, can working and blogging be more enjoyable than this?

A saved entry:

A decent drive up here. We are in Arnold. Specifically, we are at a cabin in a community surrounding a small lake, Lake Mont Pines Lake. So peaceful and quaint. We ate dinner outside on the deck. After dinner the five of us played Yatzee. This was the first time our family has played a game together. A big leap for us. AND we didn’t watch ANY TV or movies since arriving. Amazing.

Day 2
Kids and Pops went for a walk and threw racks into the lake in the am. We are working together to remember the various animals we see on the trip. On their walk they saw a snake (yellow and black stripes) and a blue Jay. We drove through Arnold (we are just south of town) and up to Bear Valley. We bought sandwiches in the lodge there. Back into the car and we drove up to Alpine Lake (alt. ~7,350 ft) we had a picnic at the lakeside. A big, beautiful lake. Huge granite boulders surround it making for great boulder scrambling. We missed our girls (dogs) when we saw 2 golden retrievers playing fetch in the water. Various water crafts were out on the water and available to rent-kayaks, canoes, small motorized fishing boats and sailboats. There were also some larger motor boats. Fortunately, I don’t think you can ski here. The camping sites are right on the water, tremendous sites. Given, of course, your kids are water safe. We then drove further up to Mosquito Lake and then back to our place. All of us took a nap and then headed to the lake for a late afternoon swim. Back at the cabin we had burritos for dinner and surprise root beer floats for dessert. AJ has been obsessed with root beer floats lately, so we surprised him. We had another family game of Yatzee, and then the kids went to bed. Pops is so good with the kids.
Don’t get me wrong here; I am not in Utopia (except for the TV part). AJ is still having occasional ragers, Ki whines on and Granny repeats herself. But it is all less and we are all, generally, quite happy.
I want to buy a cabin here. Seems like an ideal place. The lake(s) offer lots of fun swimming and boating stuff and there are tons of hikes to take. There are places to go fishing. You are close to skiing without living in tons of snow. Also, the town is enough of a town. There are restaurants, and a big grocery store. Even a couple Caf├ęs! So if you have a couple hundred thousand lying around-let me know.


  1. I am so glad you are having a great time... yeah! va-ca-tion!!!

  2. Wow, I can't believe I missed all this wonderful description of your trip while you were gone. I don't know what I've been doing or how I got so busy that I haven't been checking your blog (or anyone's blog) in ages. I don't have a couple hundred thou lying around, but I'll invest a buck in a lotto ticket with Arnold in mind!