Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello? Is anybody there?

Well I am here, so I guess that is all that matters really. I struggled to recall my blog address it has been so long since I have written. One and a half years to be exact. I think I switched too much from worrying about the audience to writing for me.  I could use a good cathartic outlet these days. I had to get out of bed because my brain was churning with thoughts like a 1970s Maytag washer and sleeping was out of the question.
A life update. I am 48, and one month away from 49. My son with PDD-NOS, SPD, ADHD and acute adolescence  is 13 and one month away from 14. My sweet tween girl is feeling awkward at 11, a few months from 12. My steadfast and dedicated husband is my age and holding on. My sweet-Alzheimer's owned Mom rings in at 87. We all be a bit crazy with our own stuff and each others stuff. We love our "babies": Java the Lab, 5, Tess the Doodle, 4, Izzy the golden retreiver therapy dog, 3. Oh, and the 18-year-old, fur-ball-covered, arthritic cat.
Lately I am trying to slap-down the depression demons. They are rearing their ugly heads quite a bit. I am working on that, but need to do more.  A couple moves toward doing better by me that I need to give myself credit for- I have hair appointment on W to eliminate those pesky dark roots and an eye exam tomorrow. On Halloween I will go out with a friend and kiddos then over to a friends house with kids to trick or treat
That will be good for my soul. Soul work. I realize I need to base my day to day decisions on what is good for my soul, my core. A good thought. Glad I wrote. But still awake!