Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sometimes you get a break

I have to say I am quite pleased! I got a call today that a woman is available to take care of the kids part-time this summer. This allows me to work at Iron Door and work at home without kids there. Also , gives me a break from kids and a chance for them to do more stimulating things than watch TV-especially Alex.
So get this-my babysitter/nanny/tutor has 2 masters, one of which is in speech therapy. You read that right AND I am paying her $12 an hr. She is Canadian and can't legally work until her green card arrives. Lucky me her dates correspond with mine. I will try and make it beneficial to her by letting her look at and copy any of my materials and perhaps observe some sessions with family/client approval, because I like to be nice and because I feel quilty. Oh sigh of relief...

Friday, June 17, 2005


Ki you are my joy. My 4 yr old girl. Just had an IEP and she was discharged from all services (speech/language and social skills). Most language skills now in 75th% for kids her age, up from the 25th% she lived at for her first few years of life, coupled with extreme shyness and social defensiveness/fear. The therapist saif as we were leaving, "She's going to be quite a woman." Yes she is, yes she is.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

For all the mamas

I feel your worries, fears and fatique
...a new diagnosis...concerns about the sibling...another family member qualifying for regional center services...the label "retarded"...
It seems spring has showered your hearts with more concerns
I have had them and held them and also tried to shed them
I wish for you deep breaths and knowledge of friendships
and quiet peaceful moments here and there