Sunday, May 09, 2010

Check it out

One of my favorite photos taken by Julie Nelson. She is an OT, Mom and fabulous photographer.

check out her work at:

Happy Mother's Day

I have had wonderful morning the Mother's Day!
Pops and Al went shopping early this am while Ki stayed and cuddled on and off with me while I snoozed.
I was later awakened by my kiddos with a plate filled with a homemade breakfast mcmuffin (english muffin, egg, ham and cheese), cinnamon roll and strawberry. I got my coffee and read my paper in bed. My brown dogs joined me on and off and cleaned any  food items that strayed from the plate.
Aj got 2 bouquets of flowers at eh store-one for me and one for Granny. He awoke her by bounding into her bed with a top volume, off-key song about Mother's Day. The fact that she is still with us after awakening clarifies the fortitude of her physical make up.
Ki presented me with a mug that she colored herself that contains sprouting cosmo seeds. Her decorated card reads:
terrific, hugger, pretty, smart, amazing, love.
She is so open about her feelings, "I love you so, so, so very much Mama." She is my sweet pea.

Aj gave me a letter he wrote at school. It reads:

Alex K                             5/17/10
Here are some reasons why I love my Mom
1. She cheers on me when I get a hit, a basket, or a goal. Shes the loudest cheerer in the fans. She is very loud.
2. She helps me on my homework. Even though if it was 9:30 at night, my mom can still help me with my homework. She wants to get my homework done.
3. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses. When I've done something, a really hard thing, she gets so happy she cries. It is so cute.

I love you every minute of my life.

Alex Koeppen