Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reason #456 How I know I am a parent

Small children and bees are attracted to my hair because the only conditioner in the shower is Go Grape.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction-hypo

Today we went to the beach. Me, Pops, Granny, A., Ki and brown dog. A true family outing. Temperature in the 50's, water temp 46 degrees. Gotta love the spring in San Fran. We walked and fell across a "dog beach" of sorts. At one point 10 dogs with in near view running and playing. My son swam more than the dog. A. Held up his pants and walked in the surf barefoot. This progressed to up to the knees which progressed to lying down face down in the surf while wearing pants, shirt and coat. He played for another 15 minutes or more in the surf before we called him out. My favorite thing was that he continued to hold up his pants while he waded. Like every inch of him wasn't already soaked. I love that little guy.
We walked back to the car along a path-my 2 kids sandy and dripping wet in 6o degree weather-people glancing at us with looks varying from amusement to horror.

Monday, April 10, 2006

pee pee

Last weekend we went on a hike, Pops, A., Ki, Granny and myself. Midway through we grown ups looked down to see A. at the base of the hill with his pants at his ankles, his tighty Shrek underwear around his butt and his penis out in the wind. Ah, the joy of peeing in the great outdoors.
Ki was quite amused - this pee stream was something to behold!
Next she yells, "I'm gonna do it to!" From a bit of a distance I see her drop her drawers, thrust her hips out, put her hands down to her privates and...look a bit confused. Now we know the true origin of penis envy.
I told her I'd help her pee outdoors like a girl would. She complied and seemed to enjoy it anyway.
Good thing she wore those rain boots.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


8:30 Pops and kids wake me up. Course Im already in and out of sleep trying to ignore that I shold be waking. A. with baseball game, he's to be there at 9. Ki t-ball at 9:15.
Realize last weeks uniforms never got washed. They are disgusting (another story). Mom hs done laundry during the week but forgets to check our bathroom. She says "Well if they were in the laundry I'd have done them" Pops says "How could this have happened!!!"
I feel stressed.
Kids are crying. Pops yelling.
Wash A's shirt by hand, put in dryer. Stuff him into size sml pants. He melts down over having to leave house in shirt that is not part of uniform. Later I drive it over to him.
9 :05 back home. wash ki's uniform and put in dryer she is insisting on bathing in no no. On second crying jag this am.
I go outside to get chair to sit on at game. Walk thru house to front. dog poop on my shoe, and floor.
9:10 find poop on my pant leg. no other pants to wear. wash it off.
go to bathroom. I've started my period. could explain more intense irritability and depression feelings.
9:20 ki's uniform out of dryer throw her in it, race over to field.
No one is there. It's 9:30, game at 9:30
come home to voice message we never heard or checked about cancelled game.
i make a cup of coffee, my vice in life, we are due to go to A.'s game.
had to write.
time, only 10:10 am
I think this will be a long weekend.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Catching Up

Spent the last 4 days at the state association speech conference. It was here in San Francisco. Always fun to see people. A number of my former and current students from SFSU were working as pages. I attended talks from pediatric swallowing, treating aphasia/cognitive deficits, counselling, opening a private practice, use of sign for toddlers, treating craniofacial anomalies and more. Lots of great handouts and info. And of course the exhibit hall where I dropped over $200.00 on materials. I got lots of good ideas.
even 2 hours a day
A. on break for 2 weeks. His behavior has been so awful at times lately that 2 hours seems like an eternity. I can get a tension h/a daily-if not mult times in a single day. He is often explosive. Yelling, hitting, screaming, kicking, calling me names.It is not purely manipulative behavior-as it rarely ends up getting him whatever it was he wanted. ex I turn the tv off. There is/are nother organic things here. Seems like developmental delays, ADHD and more. I end up screaming and yelling myself and at times hitting him. Which I am ashamed to say. I've never hit Ki. He can be so maddening.
A.'s aide at school gave notice. He has joined the Army. They said they needed him right away-gee I wonder why. War is no place for this sweet tempered, shy and quiet fellow. They are supposed to post the position. Last email I got last Fri they could not post it until he gave written notice. Gosh, I hope he knows that. Tracking him down in boot camp might be a problem. This whole thing could be a nightmare if we can't find an aide.
I am so pissy. A. makes me nutty, my Mom is here-which makes me a bit nutty with her frequent repretitions, and Pops has a tendency, which he doesnt hear, to sound pissy. All of the above makes me PISSY.