Saturday, August 18, 2007

One more week of summer.

I didn’t get to a number of things I had hoped to:
AJ (and Ki) still can’t tie their shoes.
I never ended up getting AJ tutoring over the summer.
We didn’t do as much math and reading etc as I had planned on, especially for AJ.
AJ had only 1 play date, or maybe no playdates, with a typical kid. (Not counting family type get togethers, and that was only 2 or 3.)
He no longer has and doesn’t know how, to ride a 2 wheel bike.
Ki doesn’t know how to ride a 2 wheeler.
Ki had only a handful of playdates.
No work on hand writing for AJ.

Things I am pleased about:
Trip to Pajaro dunes
Trip to Sac on the train and spending the night there
Trip to Arnold
Day trip on train to San Jose
Kids going with Sandrini to the Discovery Museum for the day
Trip to the Zoo
AJ, seemingly, successfully attended and enjoyed day camps for the first time:
Soccer camp
Baseball camp
Out door camp (twice)
Ki successfully attend and enjoyed day camps for the first time:
Sports camp
Beach dancing camp
Camp at Safari Run (with a friend)
Soccer camp (with a friend)
Time spent having kids swim at the lake and pool.
I eeked in swim lessons for both in the last 2 weeks of summer.
I got a Sponge Bob typing program and AJ has been playing with that. His writing is so poor we will need to be adept at keyboarding.
Teaching the kids how to play Yahtzee. This has been a great family game and they practiced their math.


  1. Sounds like you got done a lot more that you didn't get done! I'd call that a busy and successful summer!

  2. uhm doesn't all of that camp count as a few play dates?.. don't be too hard on yourself..please, because your list of accomplishments is three times as long as mine and I can't handle the guilt right now :)
    Your kids had a great summer.. heck Ki was so tired from all of the fun she fell asleep sitting up on my couch today!