Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update on my face (see prior post)

When I looked in the mirror this morning I was greeted with:
- a right eye more swollen than from the previous day
- The "scrapes" on my right eye lid more prominent
- "scrapes" on my left lid that I hadn't realized were there
- scabey sores all over my upper lip

I look like a diseased, beaten woman.
I did the waxing so I would "look better"(?)
So the question is, do I tell the mothers of my clients why I look like a diseased-beaten woman? I don't typically discuss my body hair issues with just anyone. Then again, who wants there child alone in a room with a diseased-beaten woman? ...mmmmmm


  1. You might want to try electrolysis. It would be cheaper than laser if you're not a gorilla like me. You get a little redness, but it goes away in a day or two, and no acne. DremaBoula on Main St. does it, um, so I've heard.

  2. oh, i'm itching and sore in sympathy...

    hope you feel (and of course, look!) better soon.

    as for do you volunteer this info to your clients? if you want to... but, most people are polite enough to ignore skin issues. we all get them sometimes! maybe if someone keeps staring... or if you feel like sharing... but you sure don't have to.

    of course, it can be hard to keep a stiff upper lip, when said lip is already sore...

    :) hope that was okay. trying to make you smile.


  3. I swear, as a furry-ous Mediterranean woman I don't think of you as somebody with many body hair.
    I am sorry about the beat-up look.
    When I had my black eye I really hated how people looked at me.