Saturday, August 18, 2007

The new school year

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about the new school year. You know-overcommitted, (PTA, SEPTAR, etc, work). Tight daily schedules. Early mornings... I don't know who AJ's teacher will be. Lots of homework this year. Peers. Worries over kids teasing or being unkind to AJ. Ki needs some friends...
You in the tribe, you know what I mean. Last night I had a dream that I fully remembered when I woke up. I was replayed it in my head for awhile.

I was with 2 friends from long ago and we were in a motorhome of sorts. It was raining and flooding. The flooding was increasing and we weren't sure if we should go South to our home and collect our belongings first or go North to safe and higher grounds. There was debate and conflict among us about this. Then the flooding worsened and was approaching the window level of the motor home. It seemed like we/I made the wrong decision about which way to go. We were stuck in unmoving traffic with no where else to go.

Then one of my kids, husband or a dog woke me up.

Pretty intense dream. Later I recalled that dreaming about drowning and flooding is an indicator of feeling out of control of your life. Very wacky dream. mmmmm....

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  1. anything I can do to be your floatie let me know...xoxoo