Friday, June 30, 2006


I just dropped off my dog SiSi, a lab, at the vet. Yesterday I found a torn up trash can in the guest bathroom and it appeared she had eaten a tampon. She vomited this am-which I cleaned up and threw out. Later I searched for poops in the yards that looked "fresh" or tampon laden. No success. So the vet thought I should bring her in to have her gut x-rayed and rule out a bowel obstruction. He suggested I also search her vomit, if possible. So after the vet, I drove to the park and dropped off the kids with Bea and came home to excavate. I readily found the offensive heap in the trash can. And upon my autopsy identified 7, read SEVEN, whole tampons. Amazing really. I called the vet and left a message to go ahead with x-ray b/c I am unsure how large the original buffet was, or if there were a few visits over time.
Do you think there is a section for used tampon ingestion by canines in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Running away from home

A. had a raging, ongoing tantrum, meltdown yesterday in response to my turning off the tv. He told me, among other not-so-niceities, he was going to run away. Then he marches to the edge of our property, rounds the corner and stands on the side of the road. I'd be happy to leave him there to cool off, but it is a busy street and I don't trust his safety judegment.
However, with his ASD fascination of maps and roads, comes a direct plan.
The humor I find in his plan takes the edge off my wanting to throttle him for this caustic 30-45 min experience.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It is so awful, icky hot. I have the spinning Elmo sprinkler going on the front lawn. I want to run thru it naked, but I'll hold off.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today the Mom of one of my clients brought me flowers as a thank you. She said things to me about my work with her and her son that warmed my heart. This further confirmed my choice to work with this age group and their families, and my goal to make a difference. I have my own kids to thank, in particular A. If he didn't have so many needs from such a young age-I wouldn't be doing what I am doing. And I wouldn't have someone thanking me for doing an exceptional job.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Last Little League Game

A. had his last game of the season. He was the last batter, in the last inning. He hit a single and then the kids on the other team over-threw the ball and LAex got to run to evry base and then slide into home where he was "safe".He was so excited. He keeps asking me if he hit a grand slam. It was a big moment and I keep hearing about it.
Later, I heard the coach talking with some of the other players families. "Your son is a great kid and had a great season. Let's do it again next year!"
He never said that to me or my guy...
Instead, I focus on the joy in A's face when he relives that last time at bat.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

End of school year

Last day of first grade for A., and graduation from preschool (1 of 2) for Ki.A big busy day. I surprised them and had Grannie fly up this evening. They are very excited. The big plan is to go out to Denny's for breakfast. Pops took the kids there when I went to San Diego to visit Grannie. It was a HUGE hit. They, particularly A, are thrilled about going and taking me, and now Grannie. A. told me today- "Momma, Momma, Momma and guess what-they have the BEST coffee!" He is looking out for me and my addiction, my sweet boy. Not that he has ever drank coffee. And of course their coffee is probably pretty crappy. We have reviewed and been in awe of the contents of the "Junior Grand Slam" breakfast many a time since we planned our breakfast out.
Today he told me "Momma, you should wear those shoes to Denny's tomarrow. You have a skirt on today too(a rarity), you look nice."
"Oh, thanks big guy!"
"You're welcome Momma."
sweet kids

Tomarrow (yes the day after school) I have iep for A. Pops can't come b/c of work, and I finally just said-schedule it and I will come.
Bea has iep for Roberto at 9:30, mine is at 10.Mine is strictly sched for 45 min. fine, they agree to what I want, we'll be done quickly!
Bea and I were wondering how direc of spec ed, Mimi, is going to be in 2 mtgs at once. Also, are they messing with us b/c we can't take care of each others kids or attend each others mtgs if they are at the same time. I think just coincidental, but humorus. Yesterday I got a bit concerned about going alone as there are clear discrepencies in my ideas and the ideas of the inclusion spec. So I called Obi (Char) to see if she'd go with me. Atleast just to make direc Mimi, giggle (or perhaps clench her teeth) that us Big Hot Mama's keep showing up at each others iep's. The force is with us. I've been named Luke Skywalker. (The chosen one?)I'll be lgad when next years plan is settled.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have been on increased doseof my antidepressants for 4 days. I think there is improvement in my mood. Still seems hared to say if it is just coincidental or not. I hope not. I would be a much happier being if the last 4 days felt like this-more productive too...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Reason #618 How I know I am a parent

I found a dried up piece of macaroni on the inside of my clean(?!) t-shirt.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

iep's and friends

My buddy Lisa had her son's iep. She asked if I could join she and her husband. There were a total of 10 or 12 professionals there- I mean the ones that were paid to be there. Then Lisa told me she had also invited our buddy Char. So the mtg starts and Lisa and I leave a seat between us for Char. When she arrived I could feel half the room cringe and giggle to themselves at the sametime. That's right the Big Mama's were here. Char has a reputation, one that leads teachers to say to her, "You're not as bad as a heard you were." Not that she is rude or unkind-anything but. She is FULLY knowledgeable and self-educated on special ed law and is a fabulous advocate for her kids. She arrived with her law book in hand, pages marked, and she whipped it out and quoted a section on full inclusion when the shithead principal of Fish Gill school said, "full-inclusion is the most restrictive environment a child could be in." Char was shaking mad when she read.
I have attended another friends iep as well-I see myself as more of a mediator and clarifier. My bonus is I know the clinical terminology in terms of providing sound reasoning for the need of a variety of therapy services and in defining goals. And the people who have been with me know that too. I have to say, we are all generally quite pleasant women, but clearly not pushovers.
Mid meeting we took a break, Lisa, husband Stu, Char and I stepped outside. After a time the direc of special ed popped out to add another consideration. Then she said something along the lines of how we should form a parent support group and also go meet with the superintendent. Well, she is a smart one I have to say. She identified the Big Mama force and wants to capture it for the advantage of the special ed dept. I don't mind that, I admire her. Later at the park us Mama's talked about forming some type of special ed PTA. mmmm still thinking on how that could look.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Lately it feels there is always one big stressful box to check-off on the to do list. Then it is followed by 1, 2, or 3 more that have been there hiding. Or not hiding, but hding in my mind-ignored until I can even consider taking it on. no website, mom needs to move up-so much to do, she is sliding, i worry about her safety,
"they" think I should move a to another school-the home school of rich over educatedfamilies, I am scared
social things due-cumputer accounts dying
no clean underwaer
I m on the PTA an attending meetings, and I may not even have a child at that school
work-I have reports due
I haven't billed in 2 months
I need to follow up on tech's for some clients
need to impleent a behavsys for A
bless papa who is taking care of me by calling and fixing computer stuff that I don't even undertsand the lang for and hate calling on

bla bla bla

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Today I:
got my kids dressed and raced to school to drop off my son on time with his tin of Gumi Candies to give to classmates for "Star of the week"
-continued to grade the 35 question take-home short-answer finals for my 28 graduate students (you do the math to id number of questions I get to read)
-KAO nany calls-do I want her to work this summer?? I haven't called here she says. YES, yes-just wish it was for less money...
-treated 5 kids at my house
-drove my dtr to pre-k class
-talk to mama T briefly about trnsfer of A to home school, Rain AHHHH! Ask her to bring Ki home b/c I need to cpature every moment to grade tests
-decided not to take Wilber the guinea pig "home" to Iron Gate b/c I haven't yet cleaned out his cage. Forgot check for Mom i owe money
-picked up my son from school and cried when I talked to the teacher b/c I am stressed out about inclusion specialist rec we transfer to homeschool and school is out in 2 weeks and we can't convene on a time for IEP
-fought with my son to do 10 simple addition math problems
-tutor arrives I for got to pay her
-cancelled my pm speech kid b/c overwhelmed with finals and grades need to be posted tomarrow
-rested for 20 min on couch
-resumed grading
-sent son off to baseball practice (tutor drops him off-bless her)
-washed Sammy the guinea pig in the sink so my son A and I can bring him in to school tomarrow am for star of the week-share your pets day
-made brwonies with my dtr for PTA meeting tonight
-babysat my dear friends son who has autism
-pack up he and my dtr and go pcik up my sone from baseball practice
-gather jamies and put my 2 kids in the tub, my sons friend B. joins in by undressing and standing in he tub along with them
-make pasta
-simmer pasta suace and frozen meatballs for dinner for kids and hubby
-hubby says-don't leave me with all 3 of these kids
-chat with dear friend who picks up beautiful boy B
-take brownies to potlcuk PTA meeting-I am incoming secretary for school PTA. Get there after the meeting mostly, but shre some brownies abd let another Mom with "special" kid know about Fri pm at the park with the "special" gang-feels good
-have a dinner of brownies, bread and canteloupe my dtr left
-rerun call to another SLP who has clled 4 times to get notes from me that are all over my house (she doesn't understand that means I have various lec notes spread in everyroom of my house)
-grade finals
-almost done, determine grades for all but 3, whose finals I will read in the am
-tomarrow I pick up persc of increased dose of antidepressants. yeah!
-STILL I HAVA NOT YET SENT stuff for dear dear friends wedding shower here
-I have a million things I need to follow up on, A glasses broken, are cousins coming to stay, Mom not cashing checks she is getting-stock broker called me

-Ki is crying, wants me to climb in bed with her-off to brush teeth zzzzzzzzzz