Saturday, March 25, 2006

underwear and socks

The laundry battles rage on. I seem to be incapable of feeliong grateful that I own a washer and dryer that are conveniently located in my home! I don't even have to go in the garage. But still I do not keep up. The dirty laundry grows multiplies like like fuzzy mold on last-months refrigerated left overs. The clean is uncontained and wandering aourounf the laundry roo, threatening to take over the entire family room. And then, there are episode where the two mingle...not good.
I am earning Momy points all the while. Lately, because there is no clean laundry I have been gving Ki 2 unmatched socks.
"But Mommie, these don't match!"
"Oh it's okay, just wear your rainboots and no one will know."
No clean underwear for me this am-or not any I could fit into.
I am wearing my husbands tighty-whities. Actually, the are tighty tie died. Quite brilliant really. Don't tell..

Friday, March 17, 2006

Glad I wasn't in Safeway for this one

I had Ki accompany me to the bathroom before leaving Iron Gate.
"Mommie, Daddy has a big penis."
"Oh," I say remaining quite neutral.
"It's large.Do you know what large means?"
"I think so."
"Large means 'wide' (accompanied by gestures indicating wide)."

It seems the level of observation and interest while poor Pops mearly tries to take a leak has increased.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My little...girl?

My Ki is the biggest anti-girl ever. While I am pleased she does not obsess about being an overly made-up damsel in distress, I hope she does come over to he feminine side somewhat.
She prefers to play with boys at Iron Gate and has never once in her life dressed up as a princess. Even when we owned an outfit. At school she has dressed up like: firefighter, police officer, race car river and astronaut. For Christmas all she wanted was a superhero outfit, "You know, the one with the shiney legs and the cape and mask". She refuses to wear a dress or skirt or even a skort. She complains someone might say she is "pretty". I asked if it is okay to be called "pretty" if you have on a pretty pants outfit. That seemed okay-but stumped her a bit. She refuses hair clips or adornments and always has (they hurt). She now says she hates pink and doesn't want to wear it (we own a fair amount).


I called my good fortune friend yesterday just to say, "I'm calling to tell you about my good fortune".
A's former aide at school, Miss S as he calls her, called me. She ended up taking both of my children from 3 pm 9 pm. They played and read books and made pizza. Later her husband joined them at the movies. BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. That's right, because he wanted to go to a movie with two kids aged 5 and 7. After the movie they all played video games and then went back to Miss/Mr S house for more pizza and play and then they were dropped off here at home tired and happy.
These people must be up for Saint Hood. (For them it is capitialized). Six hours of free babysitting AND they refused money to pay for the movie! Not that money is the issue.
Their kids are older (college and jr in high school) and they miss spending time with kids. Evidently my kids were well behaved. They are ususally better with other people. The best of course is that Miss S is a Mom and she knows my big A and his story.
The kids said they had a great time. There are plans to get together again sometime.
Oh joy!