Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Eggs

I just paid for plastic Easter eggs that are already filled with candy. The best indulgent buy ever.
I guess it is also good for my figure-as I can't eat and stuff eggs or be "stuck with leftovers".

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whispering Mommy behind the stage

Sunday rehearsal 9 to 12 am

Both kids  stayed home sick. I have little voice. A problem for a stage manager and speech therapist.

I've learned how to put tape on the stage so we know where to put the bases of the sets. Our young tribe of Merry Men are still trying to figure out which way to exit the stage. Wholly, they are a very inattentive lot. The back stage crew of 7th and 8th graders are all armed with high-end phones and spend time playing on them. I let them today as the pace was painfully slow at times-I told them tomorrow no more phones. They might get distracted- and I don't want to look bad next to an 8th grader.

I came home pooped and seemingly still sick a bit myself. Now at 6 pm Aj has a temp of 101 (day 4) and Ki a temp of 102 and she just vomited. Pops and Granny not feeling so great either.
This is going to be a tough week. Play rehearsal/shows are M to Sat 530 pm to 930 pm and Sat afternoon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy behind the stage

Ah, it is time for the school play again. Last year it was the play Aladdin and my adventures were in the green room. Aj played the "neighbor" and Ki was a merchant selling nuts. One of her lines being "Someone stole my nuts!". Do note the irony in that line.
This year the play is a comedy version of Robin Hood. Aj is Little John and Ki is one of the merry men. Aj is one of the main 8 characters and has quite a few lines! I am so proud because he was chosen over other "typical" boys. Ki is of course thrilled to be playing a guy.
Aj has one scene in which he is supposed to pick his nose.  It is helpful to know that in the past the picking of nose has been so chronic it was discussed in IEP's (note plural s). This boy has been rehearsing for this part for YEARS. So imagine my startle when Aj told me he was nervous about everyone seeing him pick his nose on stage-even if he was faking it.

 This year I am behind the stage as one of the stage managers. My adventures will be noted from that venue.  Well, so I was also put on the costume committee. Those who know me well just burst into hysterical laughter upon reading that assignment. That would be because my idea of dealing with a shirt missing a button or pants that need hemming is to not wear either of them. Clearly, I was not a lot of help there.
Today (Saturday) was the casts first day at the theater (10 to 5). I am getting over a flu bug and have a very marginal voice. Aj has had headache, sore throat and fever for the last 3 days-so he stayed home.
The sets are tremendous, just amazing. The music will be, too.
The cast is HUGE. Over 40 I think. Lots to keep track of.
Robin Hood and Maid Marian were told they will not have to kiss in the show. A relief to all children as the thought of touching someone of the opposite sex is horrifying. But I think when Maid Marian is an adult she will regret not being able to say she kissed Robin Hood.
Today we practiced with sets and music/light cues. I came home with a throat ache and head ache and crashed. Back on Sunday am 9 to 12.
Sandy is coming to see the play-kids are thrilled. Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary will come Sat for the matinee. Pops, Granny and I will watch final performance on Sat night.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aj Online

I had Aj stay home from school today as he was complaining of the same symptoms I have had. Headache and sore throat.
I had about 2 hours of clients so I left him here with Granny. He wanted my Apple (computer) and I said fine and left it with him.

Later at home again I sat down to check my email. 
A million windows were open-the Disneyy Channel, Wikipedia and

One of the ASK search boxes read: can i see a belly button from women
Followed by: can i see a belly button from pregnant women

Next read: can I listen to beat it
Followed by: can I listen to beat it with music

My notes and observations:
My boy can independently search on the internet!
He can even refine his search!

He is not a boob guy, leg guy or breast guy. Aj has always been a belly button guy. 
He still darts up to mannequins and lifts their shirts to examine the authenticity of their belly
Aj's teacher had her last day of work last week and is due to have her first baby next week.  
This has been exciting and intriguing for Alex. Especially since he loves babies. Yesterday 
Aj, Granny and I went to a second appointment with Granny's full-term pregnant MD. On the 
first visit he whispered to me, "Does the doctor have a baby in her tummy?". This visit I saw 
him starring at her belly in a mesmerized fashion. She was sporting a VERY outy-pregnant-
lady belly button. When she stepped out I asked Aj if he saw her belly button.
"Yah!". I explained that belly buttons get very stretched by pregnant bellies and either stick out or sometimes kinda disappear like mine did when I was pregnant.
With disbelief and concern he blurted, "Yours is gone!". I verbally assured him it was no 
longer gone and visually assured him by flashing my belly. The MD returned to give her 
parting recommendations. Aj telescoped his eyes on her belly button. Ever so slowly, 
he kneeled-his eyes now level with protruding jewel.
It happened quickly, the MD never noticed. But clearly - Aj had noticed the jewel and it is still on his mind.