Saturday, May 21, 2011

CHECK...check check check 123 checking

Haven't blogged in forever. Writing seems like more of an option when I am away. Which NEVER happens. But, alas, I am away from home. I am even ALONE.
I am in Portland OR for an amazing feeding course. 4 day course. I flew Th am and drove to course, course TH F S S and fly home Sun night.
I have become pretty saavy at using my GPS on my iphone to find things. Urban spoon a great app to locate restaurants. I found a wonderful Berkeley-esque cafe just a few blocks from the hospital. Cafe sports mismatched furniture, Buddhist prayer flags and soulful music. I am in heaven. This part of Portland with well-loved Victorian homes, quirky businesses and bright minds.
Today's lunch: the Planet sandwich-avocado, hummus, tomato, grated carrot, cucumber on seeded whole grain. I'll be having a cappacinno (sp) chaser. No worries, I haven't gone over the edge healthy. This is balance out last nights fish and chips grease fest.
Last nights entertainment was mall shopping and seeing the movie Bridesmaides. SO funny, a must see. Tonight might be Water for Elephants.
I've shelved all my real life obligations and they will greet me with a slap in the face Monday morning.
A nice break I am having.