Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goddess Celebration

Last night I had a Goddess Celebration here for Sandrini, my dear friend who will be married in 2 weeks. Pops was home only 6 hours from after traveling 24hrs straight and being gone for over a week. He took the kids over to Gramps and bro-in-law for the night and to swim. Good guy.
So there 6 women here, and no children. Just us here to celebrate all evening and continue in the morning over breakfast. The majority of us were new to one another. It was such a beautiful time. I just can't recap it in words. It was heartfelt, open, honest, comforting and fun. It felt like a retreat in my own home. So strange.
I know Sandrini loved it and it feels so good to be able to do so much for someone who has done more for me then I can ever list. This is the first person I told I was going to lose baby Mary. The first person I called in the morning after giving birth, I had one baby who had died and the other was on a vent in the NICU. "I think I might loose it. Can you come." The one who stayed with my all night in the ER when I had one of my episodes of meningitis. The one I called and said, my Mom is in the hospital I have to fly to San Diego, can you get my kids. The one I called when my mother in law was dyeing, can you leave work, take time off and take care of my kids. I am blessed to have such a friend and to have had such a lovely evening.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

She who makes-poor-eating-choices update

Called back the vet. She said to bring beautiful brown lab who-makes-poor-eating-choices as soon as possible.
I call Mom of the 2 visiting boys and ask her to pick up boys vs my dropping off. Leave Granny with all 4 kids with Martha to arrive soon to pick up her guys.
I race over to vet.
Doggo is nervous when we get in the place and tries to dive out the first side door.
Vet and I agree to induce vomiting.
I sit in waiting room and drink Diet Pepsi and read a language intervention book. Somehow with doggie's emergency and all the craziness, I have managed to find some quiet time for myself!
Vet comes out and magnets in vomit. There were a lot of pretzels and raisins, which the kids confessed they has given her some. Evidently also some nuts. I have no idea what or where that is about. The vet questions if she ate the magnets. Though it's possible they were not thrown up, or less likely they are further down in the GI trac. Doing an XRAY would rule that out or I could wait and see if she passes them. Did I see her eat them? Well, no I didn't, but I asked those kids 2 times and they were sure...
I say let's go ahead and do the x-ray just in case. I mean who wants to miss something like this and need extensive and expensive care because I held out on an x-ray? Who wants to be the one to tell their partner the dog died because they didn't do a quick x-ray and identify the problem? There could be an intestinal block, the magnets could some how start to break down and expose her to dangerous chemicals., etc. This is my baby dog after all.
Well, you guessed it. No magnets. I now have a dog who was forced to vomit for no reason and a second vet bill of over $220. in 1 month.
But I do still have my beautiful brown who just celebrated her tenth birthday.

Friday, July 14, 2006


The dog who-makes-poor-eating-choices just ate 3 small magnets from a toy set. A. threw them on the ground, and she snarfed them up. There was a story in the news of a young child who ate these and they later attached in the intestines and s/he died.

I called vet about how to induce vomiting as my techniques weren't working, "Give her 2 T hydrogen peroxide, if nothing another 1 T 15 min later.

I am here withmy 2 kids, 2 other kids and my Mom. Supposed to be a playdate for A. with "typical" kids, something I desperately avoid as it makes me sad and nutty

After 2T-nothing, no vommitting. I had her drink cold H20 and I think she is so bloated it is not effecting her

Supposed to drive kids home soon, after ice cream out, go to another friends house to play, go to store, make soup
prepare for pary tomarrow

I gave another 1T....been 10 min nothing

tomarrow am: pack up Mom go to farmers mrt, drive mom to airport before 10, pick up Pops and others at 11 feed them, help unpack, pack up kids send them with POPs to his Dad and brothers, prepare for party

this is exactly 2 weeks since we were last at the vet inducing vommittng for the dog. i am going to call the vet back in 5 min and ask for what to do next...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Mom

An update on where she is at:

"What show do I usually watch at 7 pm?" we've been watching Jeopardy here with her, or she at home for an eternity.

"It's 2000 and what again?"

We went out for dinner with the kids and I went outside early to take a phone call. She came out with the kids and as we were walking off, "Did I pay the bill?". I had to go back in and ask the waiter (she had). Now, 3 hrs later, she just walked into the room and was concerned that she had not paid the dinner tab.

She has changed significantly in the last 6 months. She forgets much from each 10 to 15 minute interval. The good news is she doesn't realize she isn't remembering things the majority of the time. But she did say tonight, "I really am losing it. I don't know if I paid the bill at the restaurant." And she was concerned.

I need to get her moved up here in Aug, when the kids are out of school and I can take time off. It'll be a crunch-but I think it can be done if I can enlist help of my brother and some of her neighbors. Worse case scenario she is living with us for a bit before we get her housing settled and/or her house sold or rented. I got the name and number of 3 estate planning lawyers and sent medical releases (completed by me and signed by her) to have her medical records forwarded to an MD up here.
When she came up here 3 or 4 weeks ago the kids and I had a cold. Well we gave it to her and it turned into pneumonia. She had antibiotics and is doing amazingly well, except for some residual fatigue which I think she often ignores. On return visit to MD, he said he wanted to get a baseline chest XRAY if one was available. He could see pneumonia and emphysema (she smoked 1 1/2 packs daily for 40 years and quit 20 years ago). He wasn't sure if that was all he was seeing, hence request for old XRAY. "If it looks different than the old XRAY, we may want to do some other scans". Come back in a month for a follow up XRAY and get the older chest XRAY films forwarded to me." Mom asked about that in the car, and I kinda repeated what he'd said. She asked, "Did he say what he though 'it' might be?"
me, "No."
With 40 years of smoking and a history of bilateral breast CA in an 80-year-old woman, he didn't need to say.
She doesn't seem to remember these brief conversations. To me I feel like I am writing about a medical case history and presenting it. Facts, drama -but emotionally I am not fully ready to access all of this in it's entirety.

The host

A.'s appropriate use of very adult social language/interactions is amusing and joyful. He always shakes hands when he meets adults and is quick to to introduce all around.
"Lyn, this is my Grandma. You can call her Anne."
Clearly it is direct imitation of previous family interactions, but appropriate. Today, Leelo arrived in the house with his Grandmother, Patty. My mom is here so there were introductions between the adults. A few minutes later Patty left without A. being aware.
He turned to me and said, "Should I get her a beard?"
me, "What?"
A., "Should I get her a beard?"
me, "Oh! Should you get Patty a beer?"
A. "Yeah."
me, "Oh, that would've been nice for you to offer her, but she's just left."
A. "Okay." and back to the current tv show.


Leelo is a client of mine who has autism. He has verbal language and makes many of his wants and needs known-but us certainly not "talkative". We had a 2 week break from therapy due to vacations and holidays. His Mom said he asked repeatedly to, "Go see Judy?!" That warms my heart.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baby Mary

When I was born as a premature baby and the chances of my survival were questionable, the Catholic nurses on duty named me Mary. When it looked like I would survive, my Mom renamed me. Because according to her, "'Mary + my maiden name' sounds like an Irish lullaby."
When I was 5 months pregnant with A. and his twin, we found out that the other twin, a girl, had polycystic kidneys and would not survive. Potentially she could die in utero, thus throwing me into labor at any time and risking the survival of baby A. Or she could live thru the pregnancy and delivery and then leave us. Pops decided he wanted to name her Mary, because that had been the name I had been given at birth and was baptized. Previously, it had not been a name we were considering, but now it seemed perfect.
I had a lot of time and friends & hubby to help process all of this. One of my girlfriends explored past life experiences. A little out there, but a lot of it makes sense and gave me peace. Supposedly A. and Mary were together and deeply in love in another lifetime. Her role in this lifetime was to be here only long enough to care for her partner, A. And that she did. She didn't die in utero and never showed signs that she was about to. As we got closer to delivery the MD told me that baby Mary might die during birth, as birth is extremely physically stressful. But she didn't. That strong girl survived delivery and we were able to hold her while she lived her very short life. Seems she was clear on her role in her lifetime.
Tonight I was playing on the computer and googled my families names to see if others had the same names, and if so what they did/have done in their lifetime. I put in Mary plus our last name. There is one. She is an RN at a wellness center. Seems like this is more than coincidence. I hope Baby Mary and the soul, Angel, that she is keeps on looking out for big boy A.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Job

Because of my job and in my circle of "Special Mom" friends there are a number of absolutely incredible women. I am blessed to learn from them and with them.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Playtex Puppy

The Playtex Puppy is fine. After $225.00 at the vet, she is just fine. That included the 4 cans of gut-gentle canned chicken and rice dog food required for her "irritated stomach lining" over the next few days. The thing that blew my mind was that the vet asked if the tampons were "used". Of course they were! That is the whole point of dogs-who-make-poor-eating choices, they want to eat things that smell or taste like other animals and people. Doesn't a vet who has been practicing for years know this about wacko labs?