Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old Mother Hubard

Sad news for our family. The family we all play with is moving out of state. Each of us has a playmate in that family-so this is heartbreaking news. Currently the Mom and Dad K. and Baby J. are looking for houses in AL. I am here this week with my 2 and their other
3 kids. The five kids are ages: 11, 11, 9, 8 and 5.  Funny thing is you'd be hard pressed to identify which are mine. They all look like siblings and I look like a woman confused about how birth control works.
The K. kids are delightful children. Really, having 5 kids is not so bad at all! The nutty part is due to shear volume of keeping track of who has bathed etc.  The K. family make it easy. For example:
I ask all 5 to sit and do some reading. AND THEY DO! My kids compliance goes up when they are here. Also,  these kids are grateful beings. They may ask for an extra cookie etc-because they are kids-but they do not expect it. They do not demand it and they do not whine. Now I know their parents will say this is not always the case. It isn't with any kid. They get up in the morning and they get dressed with out being asked, and asked and asked.
I LOVE THESE KIDS. I will miss them dearly. My son will miss his only friend. My daughter will miss a good friend and Pops and I will miss dear grown-up friends.
Hats off to Mom and Dad K.  They have excelled at being good parents and raising thoughtful, curious, grateful and loving children.
I am off work this week and it is supposed to be a week of play. Monday we went mini-golfing, yesterday was the movies- Cats vs Dogs the Revenge of Kitty Galore. More tomorrow.