Saturday, November 10, 2007

Seems she HEARD me

Well, anyone still on campus heard my tirade.
But the good news is, it seems Ms Pine, AJ's teacher, heard me. Or someone did. Right after the IEP Pops and I talked with the principal and I told her that we had specifically requested not to have this teacher when we met with her and the VP in the spring, and that I was certain the 2nd grade teacher and inclusion specialist had done the same. I said that I felt deceived. This all with tears. I also added that the teacher had never said anything nice about my son, despite my Max assist cues.

The IEP and my crazy-lady performance (see previous entries)was on T. On Wed, I sent the email apologizing for "raising my voice". Which is a nice way of saying "crazy-ass screaming". On Th it was AJ's b-day. I showed up with the rice krispie treats Ki and I had made for AJ's class. I asked her where to put them and we made brief eye contact. I still felt miserable when I left.

On Friday morning AJ woke up with a sore throat and headache, so I kept him home. I called the school and let them know. I didn't bother to email the teacher.

Ms Pine, in her inability to be a sensitive person, is in many ways an excellent teacher in terms of academics. Every Friday evening she puts in our mailbox the homework for the entire up-coming week. This gives us a chance to get a jump on it. When I went to get the home work this Friday there was a hand written note on top.
"Dear Aj,
I hope you feel better soon. Stay warm and get some rest. See you on Tuesday.
Ms Pine"

She also has a weekly newsletter that goes home to the parents. Often there are photo's on it. This week one of the 2 photos was Aj. And finally, she wrote a somewhat nice note on his rough draft for his upcoming presentation.

I see she is trying. I think the ironic thing here is that basically, she herself seems to have some social issues.

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  1. Funny, isn't it, what turns out to be effective. Hopefully it will all go uphill from here. More big hugs to you.