Monday, November 19, 2007

IEP update

I didn't hear from the school district after my screaming spat where I yelled and snarled and concluded with, "We don't need to talk anymore. Just let me know what you have to offer and if that doesn't work we'll go to mediation!!"
I picked up Aj from school on Fri and while he played on the playgorund I looked in his backpack to see if his aide had written a note. I found a large envelope stuffed with paper. Inside was the IEP docs that we never signed (for attending even, because I was raging). The entire triannual docuamnt was numbered over 90 pages. I just stuffed it back in. Later I got an email saying that it contained additional goals and recs (we were "discussing" the need for social skills training). We are on break for a week. I'll dig that out another time.

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