Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My car stinks. I mean REALLY STINKS

Java's drinking problems continue. Yesterday I headed to the store with kids and Java and bought a few necessitites. One block from home I heard the sound of glugging, pouring the car.
"MOM! Java's got the milk!!"
Yep. This time she bit into a gallon of milk and it was pouring into the back of the van. When I got home it seemed about 1/2 a gallon was gone. Most of which was soaking in to the car's rugs. I pulled out the extra piece of carpet, sprayed down with the hose and wiped uot the rest wit towels. No go. I think it must take only a 1teaspoon of milk left in a car to get that oh so tremendous sour milk odor.
Today JAva was going for a bottl eof water in the car. I swear we keep water in her bowl at home.


  1. I spilled about 1 tablespoon of latte into the passenger foot well, and the care was almost unusable, so my sympathies.

    As to Java's drinking problem -- I suspect unfulfilled retrieving desires.


    1. A crate in the car, in which she is confined while driving. It can be pretty smaller than say what you would put her in for an airline-transport crate, since she's unlikely to be in it for hours.

    2. A really good dog trainer.

  2. I mean, the car was


    It can be pretty small--smaller