Monday, November 19, 2007

Lucky Me

Two of my dear friends are about to PUBLISH a BOOK. Not only are they dear friends, they are very, truly kick ass amazing women. They are:
jennyalice at
squid at

They started the blog site "Can I sit with you".

The book contains short stories from all varieties of people about growing up and the harships of sand-box politics. Many of the writers work professionally or semiprofessionally. Or atleast blog like crazy. That would be me. My story is titled, "MENS-TRU-A-TING".
The amazing cover art was created specifically for the book, and was donated by a professional artist. The cover design, also donated by a professional. The proof reading and editing? Yep, also donated by a number of people. Actually SO many people volunteered to edit and proof that some were turned away.
The book will be available in the next week or so from LULU Press(google it) and shortly following that will be available on Amazon etc.
Title of the book, same as the blog, "Can I Sit With You?"
It is a paperback, and is 126 pages. Cost $14.00
But the BEST, most TERRIFIC part is that 100% of the profits will go to SEPTAR (Special Education PTA of Re City). That is the PTA I was involved in starting just about 1 year ago and for which I am currently President.
I am in awe of what so many people have done for this project. The fact that jennyalice and Squid are turning over ALL profit to SEPTAR is also stunning. And I'll get to say, "I'm published." Of course I wrote about having my period, but there ya go.
So, go forth and purchase this book in the next couple weeks. It is designed for kids up to ages about 13 so that they can understand they are not alone in the madness of sand-box politics and growing up. A very good read for adults as well. Becuaswe each of us have a story or two. Check out the blog. And in a couple weeks, BUY IT!

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