Thursday, November 08, 2007

I get to brag

Today in the mail I received our family holiday card for the year. I made them on Shutterfly and they have family photos and a personalized message. Yep, November 8th and I have the cards. Next week I will get the cutsy return address labels with cartoon people of our family and pets.

Now the reason I get to brag is that I have never once, ever, been so on top of it. Those of you who know me well, know that I specialize in running late and procrastination. Those of you who have known me for over 11 years know that I was late getting to the alter for my own wedding.

So this is big. All of use in the quirky family tribe get to brag and celebrate when we pull off a feat that is beyond that of even most typical families.


  1. YOU ROCK! I just started to worry about that one.. at least you have a family that can take a picture together!

  2. I am insanely jealous.


    p.s. i love those cartoony return labels - we have them now too.