Sunday, November 11, 2007

AJ is Nine

Aj had his b-day on Th. And now my boy is nine. And he loves all things sports.

I took him to school with his rice krispie treats and some of the kids and a Mom carried on saying happy birhtday to him. Pops and I picked him up after school. Then it was home for some homework. At 4 pm Pops took him to soccer practice, which AJ loves. Ki and I then made cupcakes for him from the mix and frosting she had previuously picked out. After being home and bathing I asked AJ if he wanted to open his presents.
"No, after dinner."
You see, that is what we must have done last year. Which means it is now a routine. Or to sound more "typical", a tradition.
We had dinner at the Lobster Shack,
Aj had chosen this spot for dinner because he thought he could get shrimp. And he did. A whole huge adult serving of fried shrimp and fries, plus a soda and some of his sister's dinner.

Pops was really the superstar about b-day gifts.
When I asked Aj what he wantd for his b-day he said an NFL jersey and nintendo.
Granny is from San Diego, so Aj keeps her posted on all San Diego teams and how they are doing. Well, Merv's had a San Diego Chargers jersey with the name of some guy you'd know if knew football. We had Granny give that to Aj. Oh the joy! What an excited guy. He keeps taking it on and off. He is saving it to wear the first day he is back at school (after Veterans Day). Every few hours he shows up with it on and he has stuffed things in it to look like shoulderpads.

Aj told us last year that he wanted to go to a Warriors game. Pops remembered and got a pair of tickets for the 2 of the two of them on Dec 7th. Aj was beside himself with excitement. They were worth every penny. You can look for him at the Dec 7th game against the Miama Heat.

Other well received gifts were new baseball cards and a CARS video game that Pops ordered for him.

It was so wonderful to have Aj request specific gifts, be able to get those for him and then see his incredible joy.

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  1. Happy Birthday AJ!!! Sounds like a great day for a great kid.