Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PJ Dunes

I am at PJ Dunes-at a condo at the beach. A lovely 3 bedroom, window filled place owned by a friend of mine.
I drove down yesterday late afternoon with the kids and Grandma (my Mom, one and the same). We arrived, unloaded the car and headed down to the beach. A. raced around the beach doing wind sprints. His activity was reminiscent of a kenneled puppy released to play in a field. It goes without saying that even The similarity between he a puppy continued as he soaked himself in the low surf and rolled in the sand. Ki enjoyed playing in a huge hole surrounded by sand turets. Her castle. She assigned me and Grandma the roles of Knights and Alex as the bad Dragon. She said she would be in the castle "doing her paperwork". I asked who she was. "I'm the King." I should've known there would be no damsel in distress here.

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