Friday, February 13, 2009

This Week is icky

-a cold and headache
-Take Sierra to vet to have breast tumors removed. They also clean her teeth and remove a growth on her face. Pathology reports will be back next week. I can't even consider cancer. Vet bill for this was over $1,000.00
-wacky canchor sores back in my mouth. Huge lesions that drag across my teeth when I talk or eat.
-eating cream soup and pureed foods.
-a wonderful, kind, caring, funny, animal loving former neighbor and co-worker and of mine dies. He died about 1 month after finding out he had a renal tumor. Cancer was everywhere. It was a beautiful sunset the night he died. Random clouds lite up in soft orange in a blue sky. He will be so very missed by so many.
-I have my period
-cancelling clients-too painful to talk for work
-I ask AJ if he sat with someone at lunch or sat alone. He sat alone. I ask if the other kids are unkind to him. He tells me no, that he guesses they just forget to talk to him.
-I said "yes" to too much and am feeling overwhelmed and am letting people down because I am not keeping up with my commitments
Good news: a new computer so now I can work and bill and jennyalice installed printer so I can now print again. I loved the Jamba Juice jennyalice brought me. Ki invited to 2 birthday parties. Kids enjoying being in the play. Sierra feels good today-her old self. Pops is such a good partner and steps right up to pick up kids, cook dinner, what ever is needed. Only 1 hour of clients today. It is Friday. I bought valentine cards for my family and a gift for each kid.
I feel like a WHINER, but also sometimes vomiting up the bile of life makes one feel better.

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