Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adventures from the Green Room Day 1

The kids play is nearly here. Both are in Aladdin, as I have bored readers with previously. Of note is that the Director, who does this type of thing for a living, is magical with kids. More importantly he is completely accepting of Aj. And Aj has done well with the rehearsals, his lines etc. Ki, too. Both have really enjoyed it.

Parents are required to volunteer a lot of time to make this whole thing come together. At the onset we were asked to complete a form that had us list our preferences for jobs. In no way could I be responsible for costumes, hair, makeup or sets. So I listed "green room" as my main preference and got it.

The "green room" is the room people are in prior to going on stage in theater and tv. Evidently, these rooms are painted green because it is a calming color. I am "in charge" of the green room for the kids 2nd to 8th grade. That means I get to wear a fancy headset that is hooked up with the director, stage manager etc. This is "tech week" the name for the week prior to the performances where you have dressed rehearsal with props etc. All new to me as I have never done theater before. Tech week is 5:15 pm to 9:30 pm M T W Th and performances F and 2 on Sat. Yes, you read those hours correctly. So kids and I will be beat. Shuffling homework, eating and sleeping is a challenge.

The challenge of balancing that is furthered by the fact that Aj complained of sore throat on Sun night and then on Mon am. I kept him home from school on Mon and then sent him to the play Mon night. At least I had him do his homework!

Our green room for the first night was a tent outside. And it was white, not green. Which did not go unnoticed by the kids. It rained so we had umbrellas to hold over kids heads for going to and from the stage. One initial piece of excitement was my daughter peeing while on the stage. This of course just 30 min after I told the kids in the green room to go potty before they put their costumes on.

Later, I radioed that the kids were cold out in the tent. The wonderful fellow who rented the heater for our tent came and turned it on. A bit later I returned to the tent to a bit of panic. Seems the gas and heater are not all okay and the tent filled with the smell of gas and kids and adults were turning green. (So I guess it was a green room after all.) I radioed in that the kids were getting gassed out and we needed to move the group in the green room.

Really, the rest went fine. I do not get rattled easily-but some others do. So I imagine some other parents working felt a lot more stressed by the number of kinks being worked out. Kids are still a bit loose on knowing their lines and facing the audience etc. But the show will go on.

One of the other adults just emailed me and said she is sick and can't work the green room tonight. Alrighty.

Alex is now asleep in my bed at 9:30 am. Today, Tuesday, he woke up and vomited or spit up phlegm-not sure. Then he clearly had bad stomach cramps. MMMmmm. We will see about tonight for him. He may stay here.

Now I am going to leave to drive over to the theater and find Ki's costume in the costume bags and bring it home and wash the pee out.

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