Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green Room Adventures Night 2

Pops was on the schedule to join me.
"I'm not sure what I am supposed to do?" he told me. Ya, that is pretty much how it goes.
I donned my radio headset and I was as ready as Id ever be.
After the play rehearsal Aj announced that her had lost the running tights he was wearing. Well turns out they were still at home on his bed. That explains the conversation about boxer shorts that I overheard when the boys were changing. Aj was wearing Sponge Bob boxers. So very hip.
There was a group photo on stage with all the cast in costume. I am stunned to see my nearly-always-compliant daughter throwing some sort of hand sign mid-photo. Late Aj gets into it with a couple of the girls and his sister and starts to melt. Luckily, Pops was there to take that on and help diffuse.
Yesterday kids left the green room tent full of trash and most of the other parents managed to disappear home. So tonight I held the kids hostage and told them they had to fold up the chairs and pass them out and then clean up the room before they could change and go home. Pops put his square frame in the door and blocked the little wild ones in till all was clean.
Good news is we did not gas the kids out tonight.
Play coming together nicely!

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