Thursday, February 05, 2009


Copy of an email I just sent.
Chapter 2 to follow

I had a strange thing happen tonight I need to share with you. Ki came home tonight from play rehearsal and she has 2 or 3 clearly visible large chunks of hair that have been cut off.
I asked her if she did it and she said no. She told me that someone who helps out at the play named Johnny (an adult) cut her hair. She often (and currently) has some tangles in her hair. I am not sure if that was involved somehow. I asked her what the person said and she told me he said somehting along the lines of "Sweetie, come on over here, I can help you with that." and then cut her hair.
She now needs a haircut to even it all out.
Perhaps one of the 2 of you can lend some clarity to this Alice in Wonderland story. I will ask Ki about it again in the morning to see if the story changes and we can be in touch.

Thank you,


  1. Java did it in the night.

    No, seriously, that is weird. If Johnny was child,it would be close to weird, but an adult?

  2. Remember when Ben's teacher cut out one of his "love knots?" I was PISSED. Seriously, who the F do people think they are that they can cut your kid's hair!!!!