Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green Room Night #3-final rehearsal

Girls here. Boys there. Make-up on.
Teacher J was one of the 2 other parents who worked GR with me tonight. She rocks. Totally on top of it and handles kids so well.
MAke up and costumes look great.
I am confused about where we are starting in the play and don't have the right actors ready to go on stage. OOps.
I am ready to throttle the middle school aged actor who is the know-it-all
and readilly offers his criticism.
Aj and Ki battle it out again. During intermission Aj begins raging, I desperately chase after him and try tO diffuse him as he spins out of control. In the midst of this three Moms walk out of the green room tent and stop and stare in amazement. I snap, "I GOT IT. IT IS MY KID. THE STARING IS NOT HELPING." Oh dear.
It is time to start the scene. Of course Aj is in this scene. He has almost incapacitated himself with crying and frustration. My presence and comments both add to and reduce his angst.
"That's it Mama. Ki is fired. Or I am going to quit. I QUIT...."
We are now on the stage and myself and another are pleading. He has one of the first lines in the scene. Some how he pulls it together at the last minute and delivers his line beautifully.
We line up the actors for the final scene and curtain call practice. Ki is in tears.
"Mama, I don't feel good!"
"What do you mean yo don;t feel good? Like how?"
"I think I am going to throw up."
I touch her forhead and it is moist with sweat, but no apparent fever.
Well you know if anyone's kid is gonna throw up on stage at this point, it will be one of mine. She says she has to go potty, so I swoop her off to the bathroom and bail on the other green room parents.
She unwraps her head scarf, takes off the lime green slimey material pants, pulls the synthetic dress-thingy over her head, takes down the short sleeve leotard, pulls down her pink tights and finally, her under pants. She pees and announces that she feels better. It occurs to me that the seemingly 5,000 layers of man-made material that she is wearing has turned her into a walking sweat box.
We return and the cast is practicing the curtain call. Aj claps for himself and everyone else.
We clean, change, clean some more and head home.

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  1. OMG poor Ki.. can we get her something cotton to wear?
    You are truly a Saint