Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend on the Eve of 45

Spent the weekend at a condo on the beach in Pajaro Dunes with some of my bestest buddies who were celebrating my upcoming 45th birthday. All of us Mommies and all of us know what IEP stands for. A much needed break for all of us. Some brief reports of weekend events.

Friday: drive over, dinner out, grocery shopping and fire side time with SH.,
SH., SH., full of grace. She is grace embodied.

Sat morning greeted us with 80 degree heat in mid-November. Needless to say we had packed for the usual November beach weather of fog and cold.

After roasting on the sun beaten deck. SH. finally excused herself and commented, "I am going to go put on my bathing suit top now. You know, the one that looks shockingly like my bra." She returned with her "bathing suit top" on and was much cooler. Later she took the kitchen scissors and crafted a pair of shorts from her jeans.

Dear JE. continues in her Martha Stewart groove. She arrived with fudge made that morning and lemonade made from her own fresh lemons and simple syrup.

BE. arrived. But her bag did not. Evidently remained on the sidewalk at home. So no Advil or pajamas or toothbrush or clean underwear for her.

SA., thankfully, did arrive. She thought she might not as she spent the morning in the Urgent Care with one of her sons who had stuck a Tic Tac in his ear and needed to have it extracted. (Evidently, one is not supposed to stick the kids head in warm bath water and melt it out as I would've thought). Tic Tac Jack lives on.

We waited, but Patty never did arrive. I'd still like to meet her.

SH. and I each got 1 hour long massages. mmmmmmmmmmm. so nice

Wine was opened and shared by guests starting at 1;30. Later, me, the designated non-drinker out buying Champagne. Not the best situation as I don't drink and have no idea what to buy.

Wednesday and Saturday is a twice weekly schedule for some.

JE, and BE enjoyed the sunset then went skinny dipping in the pacific.

BE. found her ex boyfriend on Facebook.

SA told others, wrote on Facebook and still thought she was in Carmel. We informed her that she was in Watsonville, not Carmel However, since that is not nearly as great sounding as Carmel, we told her she should leave her Facebook entry as is.

Sh couldn't find the Advil on Sunday.

Cheese fondue for dinner.

Firelight warmth at night.

I proudly doned my Birthday Princess tiarra.

JE left at sunrise on Sun. We shared a moment in the orange glow before she headed for home and my head hit the pillow again. The view of the beach and estuary from the master bedroom is a joy for me. I sleep with all the blinds up so I can awaken at various times in the night and morning and take in the vast view.

Yummy egg scrambles for breakfast. Good coffee, too.

Time to read 2 magazines, finish a chapter in my book, listen to good music, sleep and walk on the beach.

Love ya gals, thanks for the love, laughter and peace.


  1. Thank YOU for organizing such a fabulous respite weekend, and for being a true friend. There's no one I'd rather celebrate!

  2. Cheers to you my dear dear friend. Am thinking you need three or four birthdays a year...


  3. That was the best time I've had in ages. Ages. But I am going to drag the 5 of you with me one evening to "Carmel" again so I can skinnydip in the pacific before 40.

    BTW, when I told my very logical husband that some of the girls were nekkid in the ocean at sunset he said, "uh, isn't that breeding ground for great white sharks?"

    oh pish.