Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The 44th Presidental Election from the kids view

At 3:00 I picked up Ki from school and she informed me that Marack (with an M) Obama had won. Evidently, her friend Ryan told her. So I knew the results long before the rest of ya.
My kids are enamored with President Elect Barack Obama. I am not sure how this came about exactly, but I love they way they lean and that they are paying attention.
Ki told Pops she likes Marack (see prior) because he has a cool name. "It has ROCK in it."
Aj wanted to know what the ballot said exactly.
"Does it say 'Go Barack' or 'Obama for a change'."
He worked to sort out that Barack was to become president.
"So George Bush retires and Barack Obama starts on New Years Day?"
He climbed into bed and sighed, "I love Barack".
I just remembered I have an Obama shirt that is too small for big ol' me. But I bet Aj would love to wear it!
This is an amazing and hopeful day in world history.

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