Monday, November 03, 2008

Java update

Poor Java. She spent the day at the vet getting IV's and then Pops picked her up to bring her home for the night and then he takes her back to vet when it opens in the am. She has an IV line in her paw that she was chewing on. So, the poor dear came home with a funnel around her head (Queen Ann collar). Still no eating or drinking allowed. I can hear her gut churning and she has bouts of diarrhea. A very tired, sad and sick doggie. Love you Javie, be well.


  1. Oh Java, we love you. Get better!

  2. Jennie the Wonder Retriever had pancreatitis after accidental chocolate ingestion.

    I discovered the empty bag of Kisses probably 30 minutes after J. committed the crime, and administered an emetic and shlepped her to the vet -- still, pancratitis.

    She didn't have to do the IV route, though.

    Hope Javie recovers soon.