Thursday, November 20, 2008

A good day

Two new boys, both under three. Darling, beautiful boys. One a returning family I adore (I saw the older brother). The other a new family with a Mom I really like. I like all the Moms I work with. But some I would want to, you know, be Facebook friends with, or go out to coffee with. Another little guy also under 3. We did a facilitated play date with him and a "typical" peer and it went really well.
And one little guy has met all his goals and this was his last day. He is a very smart 4 year old. I printed out a certificate for him. He LOVES my laminator, so together we laminated it for him. It's always a bit sad parting ways with the kiddos when they reach their goals and discharge or end their GGRC time. Kind of like moving to a nearby town. You know they are close, but you also know you won't really see them anymore.

Diane Levinthal of Social Strides spoke this evening at SEPTAR. She spoke and showed a film about educating upper elementary kids about their peers who have social challenges. It was all so well done.
She is a great clinician-I highly recommend her for evaluating and treating social skills.

This week I also had the chance to get to know a couple of Moms better. We shared tears and joy and hope and visions for the future.
This night as I prepare to crawl into bed, I feel grateful to have met and been involved with so many amazing women.
Peace to you all.

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  1. Transcript from Diane's talk here:

    Lots of good material, practical approaches for talking with our kids' peers.

    SEPTAR is kicking butt!

    I am glad when you have good days.