Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy

My big boy turned 10 yesterday. Here is at dinner with pops and Ki. Granny and I were on the other side of the table.

Aj had a soccer game at 8 am. While his team has never won a game-today while playing half back he scored his third goal of the season. Oh joy!

Pops and I shopped last week and found a great Warriors jersey for him, a CAL sweatshirt and a Warren Sapp Raiders jersey. Aj likes his jerseys and pro sports teams. Warren Sapp is retired now, but he is currently on Dancing with the Stars. Aj loves that show-so jersey was a big hit. The Warriors jersey included pretend tickets to a game. Pops and the kids and I will go to a game in the end of Dec. Aj is already planning which route to drive and what transportation options to consider. And the CAl sweatshirt-he loves CAL. We had Granny give him an alarm clock that looks like a pro football score board. Also 2 remote control cars.

For dinner we went to Sneakers. Aj got to watch the CAL and USC game on a TV at our individual table. He got to eat his bacon-cheese burger and cookies & cream milkshake.

I love that little boy.


  1. Happy Birthday Big Guy! I will raise a glass to you with your mom this weekend!

  2. Happy double digit birthday, beautiful boy! Sounds like it was in a high-cotton kind of day.

    And people who have birthdays the first 14 days of November rock & rule the world.

  3. Happy 10th Birthday AJ! And happy birth day to you, Sage.