Saturday, April 05, 2008

Purchases and breaking the news to your spouse

me "Hey, I'm home!"
Pops "What took you so long?"
me "I stopped at a garage sale. I got a surprise in the back of the van."
Pops, big eyed with a moderate look of dread, "What?"
me "A puppy." (which he fears is a possibility because I am an animal lover)
Pops "WHAT?!"
me "Just kidding, go take a look."
Pops "What is this?"
me "It's an arbor."
Pops "A what?"
me "You know the white thing in the back garden that is falling over."
Pops "What did you pay for this?!"
me "One hundred and fifty dollars."
Pops "WHAATT!!"
me "Just kidding, it was only $30.00 and it is brand new."
Pops "Oh, okay."


  1. Ewwwww, very cunny. I like that strategy.

  2. cunning.

    never drink wine and blog...