Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Again...and it's a bit wierd

I get note that during recess Aj pushed 3 kids and pinned a 3rd against a wall

Get a COMPLETELY unexpected note from a client that they are discontinuing therapy with me effective immediately. And I do not really know why.

The toilet is clogged, again

The kids are arguing.

I find Buddy my guinea pig dieing this morning

No one on Aj's school team has emailed a response to the team about Aj's "episode" yesterday

double trouble's heart is heavy. I can offer really only an ear

signora is sad

The dog is incontinent twice while sleeping on the new couch. Is she okay??

Aj has a baseball game (little league) other kids are getting some good hits and he regularly strikes out. He always plays the outfield and gets little to no action again today. He finally hits one on the 5th pitch. The pitcher fields it and throws to 1st who then straight arms Aj and knocks him down as he trys to tag base. Aj comes up crying and holding his arm. He is not really hurt, mostly upset and takes a while to calm down. The coachs are encouraging and positive. The coachs wife/team Mom tells him, "It's okay buddy. You'll hit it again. I know you will, because I believe in you." Then she grabs him and hugs him and he hugs her and my eyes tear up. The next time up-he again gets out at 1st. Again he cries and is slow to recover. It was his last up. I am feeling sad. Can't the guy catch a break? The next inning he played the bench and spent time signing the game ball and bouncing around. At the games end, with an emotionally cracked voice I thanked the team Mom for her continued support of Alex. Pops opted to stay later at the park with kids and I headed home to fix dinner. Walking to the car I felt heavy. I could hear the coaches giving their post game talk. I heard "...and for this game the game ball goes to Aj...for good sportsman ship and continuing to work hard..."
I teared up all the way to the car. Pops said he was pleased, but he would've rather had Aj get the team ball because he really deserved it. But for me, to have the feeling that there are people in the community who look out for and suppport Alex is a home run.

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  1. There are many different reasons to really deserve something. Sounds like AJ really did deserve this one!