Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Disabled Students Required to Pass High School Exit Exam

This on the front page of the paper. I had hoped this issue would be favorably resolved by those families ahead of ours. I guess not. This will be an issue for my child. How do you tell a child that has worked hard in school and likely suffered some tormenting from peers, that s/he is not going to be able to get a diploma? The argument by Jack O'Connell is that the requirement (the initial bill) is "all about helping students succeed." Well my kid is not going to Harvard and would be happy to work at a simple job. But he may be unable to if that job requires that he pass this exam. So the good news evidently, is that a student can be tortured over time by taking the exit exam as often as needed until they pass. Ah, great, so I guess those learning disabilities go away when you keep doing the same task the same way and expect different results. Oh, wait, isn't that the definition of insanity? Oh but wait, there is an answer to that. They will provide tutoring for each senior in special ed for two years after graduation at a cost to the state of $525.00 per pupil per year. Ah, more good news as the education budget is cut back again. And shouldn't we be educating them well BEFORE senior year so they can pass? And this tutoring will be provided by who? I am sure it will be appropriately licensed professionals in the schools. Who wants their diploma after the fact? For spec ed kids one of the biggest days in their lives will be crossing that stage for the high school diploma.
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  1. My big question is - where is the compassion?