Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol- I've never been hooked before. Skip this if you're not

I am watching the DVR of T and Th night idol performances

My random thoughts if you are bored:

Mr Dreads
I love him’
He is SOO beautiful
I don’t think that ultimately he will win. But I adore him and always will

Kristy Lee
Good voice
Okay she is a beauty
But she is such a dork when she opens her mouth and talks
Down with milk toast girl

David Cook
Hair is still a bit funky
White coat-no, no, no
Sometimes he starts so seem a bit cocky. NOOOO don’t go there.
Not his best, but-the guy can sing
He was humbled by the judges-could be a good thing for him

A cutie, but…

I like her and her authenticity
Love the Melissa Ethridge Big Girl Voice she has
But she is not mainstream-and the white mainstream folk won't vote her to the final 3
She always gets ripped

David A
Good singer. A good soul
He came on this show too soon
He needed to grow a couple more years so maturity could carry him more
If you are singing on Idol and planning to go to the prom at the same time-you’re to young
I think this will get him in the end

Okay I am partial to her because I want to be her.
I want to look like her
I want to be able to sing the songs she sings
I want to have and ooze the same authentic, sweet, gentle, graceful nature she has

HUH? I am shocked. RECOUNT!!!
He’s foxy and he rocks

Buzz kill.
I just watched the clip of some of the kids in Africa. Now I feel shallow and ungrateful.
I guess the good is that in the presence of all this wealth-is the attempt to spread it.

I'm still hooked.

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Yes, yes, yes.

    Kristy Lee - yawn. But cute.

    Michael Johns - holy sexy. This man could reignite my sex drive. Huge mistake by America.

    Jason Castro - adorable, brilliant. I want all of my sons to grow up to be just like him.