Tuesday, June 26, 2007

4:00 to 8:00 pm

The crazy time. It is at every house. My friend once said, "With kids the hour before dinner is the worst. So I made dinner an hour earlier. It didn't matter." I think lots of us Mama's have tried that. It is just a crazy time for all. particularly when you throw in a "special" kid and a wine drinking women with Alzheimers who is likely sundowning. Tonight felt particulary crazed.

AJ hurt his foot at camp today. They had me pick him up earlier, at 2:00 pm. I'd been told it was a scrape from the bottom of the pool and maybe some minor swelling. I arrive and his foot has an ice pack ace-wrapped on. No crying, I know he is fine. Aj enjoys drama, and was unable to walk, so I carried his wet butt to the car. On the way he said, "The life gaurds should have given me crutches." As he climbs into the car he looks at me and declares, "Mama, you need to get a wheelchair." I had a real tough time keeping a straight face. So we headed home and I set he and Ki up with TV (Granny awake and keeping an eye on them). Then I retreated for a nap.
The real fun started later when I got up. AJ hadn't exercised much, and likely is tired and thus was more volatile than usual. Likely a total of 4 to 5 to raging events from 4:00 to 8:00. My requests to turn off tv and do home work yielded one. We got thru some with me doing the dreaded "writing" part of it. He screamed at Ki, which caused her to cry. Granny kept asking how his poor foot was. Which caused the limp to become more involved with each query. Java, the puppy, chewed a pool Noodle and distributed it across the porch. Granny was drinking wine at 4:30. The dog kept barking. Granny asked 4 times where we were going for diner (same answer every time). AJ yells at Granny when she, again, asks how he hurt his foot. AJ blows up in the car on the way to Chili's because Ki did not tell a joke the way "it is supposed to go". Ki asks a few minutes later, "why is no one talking?" I know I am not talking because I can't talk and grit my teeth at the same time. Dinner was not as bad as I feared (Pops out tonight so it was "just me"). She asked, and was told, 3 or 4 times where Kurt was and what he was doing. Granny always wants to pay for dinners. I appreciate the offer, but the hassle often overrides the benefit. As we left she asked if she left a tip. "Yes." Then in the car, "Sage, did I pay for dinner?". Oh boy, I thought, this gonna make me fucking nuts tonight. So I decided to be a real sicko and count the number of times she asked about paying and try to look at it as a form of entertainment. 2 more times in the car. Currently, we are at home and there have been 2 more. So a total of five. But neither of us have gone to bed yet.

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