Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yeah, I'm a labrador

There is a theory out there that dog owners often look like their dogs. There are even contests to see who looks most like their dog.
We have a lab, okay 2 of them. It is really hard to look like a lab. Their features are not really unique and they don't possess looks that easily transfer to a human. However, after some thought I've decided that while I don't resemble a lab, I do behave like one.

I appear to be quite happy, smiley even
I like greeting people
I like to eat
I have a tendency to be overweight
I enjoy an afternoon nap in the sun
I am highly tolerant and generally unflappable
I bark, if irritated, but it is really not very fierce
I prefer the company of others
I seek out a good cuddle
I believe all people are good at heart, until they show otherwise
I enjoy being in the kitchen
I am known more for my personality then my looks
I value family

Sure beats behaving like a pit bull.


  1. I guess you'd be a yellow lab?



  2. Um, what about hunting and retrieving?