Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Every year when I go to the Fourth of July parade I feel weepy. Everytime members of the military go by I stand and applaud. I am thankful for their efforts. I get weepy thinking about the horrors some of them have experienced. That and how they have spent long stretches of time away from their loved ones and lived in grimey spaces with little in the way of creature comforts. All that and they get paid crap.
Thank you soldiers.
Peace on earth is our best bet.


  1. get out of my head dewd...

  2. Me too. Every time anyone in the military came by I told Iz that they were some of the bravest people in the whole world. And then I would start choking up.

    I have told Iz that she is not even to mention the name "U.S.S. Arizona" in my hearing; I can't take it and if she wants to know about that chapter of our country's history she can bloody well ask someone else.

    I am so grateful I never had to be a soldier, and so grateful for everyone who has been one. It makes me all the more angry to think of the dissociated slimeballs at the top, who will never know what any of our soldiers have been through and yet who are perfectly willing to play games with their lives for political and economic gain.

    Stopping now.