Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What a day for AJ!

AJ lost his glasses. Seemingly, they are lost in the house. But really, who the hell knows. He has to sit close to the tv to see and needed to be moved to the front of the classroom to see the board. But on Saturday at his baseball game he hit a single, double and TRIPLE!!! Oh YA! People were asking us if he had contacts in!
He looked so "normal" at that game. I basked in the glow. THEN-he got asked for a playdate. Yeah, it just keeps getting better. Mom reported he and Brian had a great time and she was talking about what they could do next time he was over!


  1. you know, maybe his glasses should have gotten lost earlier! :)

    congrats on it all.


  2. You go, AJ! A playdate!*!*! And at someone else's house! Wow!

  3. So very cool!
    Go AJ! you, big hitter! :-)