Friday, June 22, 2007

Notes from the beach

It's midnight and I am here at The Dunes with the kids and Granny. We are renting a condo we have rented before.
-the last 2 nights I have put the kids to bed and then climbed onto the couch with pillow and blamket and read until I fell asleep, woke-up, read some more and went back to sleep.
-love having that perky little blonde face smiling in mine at 6 am. Why do they never sleep in? But I am blessed because they get up and watch tv and generally entertain themsleves safely. Generally, I say because they'll eat cookies for breakfast.
-AJ keeps busy outdoors by trying to fill the slough and ocean with rocks and sticks he finds on the shore
-Do not buy and bring BBQ flavored (colored) chips to a rental. Or ones own home for that matter
-I still love the bird the giant white egret
-sand dollars are cool
-Granny drinks an amazing amount of ETOH, no matter how much I water it down
-Aj had a bunch of ragers this afternoon. I am beginning to think that this is more common when he is tired. Even though he doesn't look tired or seem tired. I know he was up early
-Ki has been planning a big birthday party for Tigger Fri am. He is her stuffed toy that has been her favorite for years. She lists off extensive info about him:
he is turning 5, when he gets sick it is only for 1 day, she wants a surprise party for him out in the sand, he likes Power Rangers-but not the blue one,

-how is it that so much sand can get into a kids suite and then stick their butt in buttload amounts
-to the Hot Mama's who have been here. I continue to find such peace and enjoyment in the view from this place. We need to come back.
-it seems the ASD and ASDish kids (my guy) often just love and are so calmed by the ocean and water. That and being able to throw rocks and things in. I feel like their is some water connection going with kids in the tribe. Double Trouble and boys are near the ocean in Florida, we are here in CA, and Leelo is in HA.
-Granny is having a nice time. we all go outside to walk 2 or 3 times a day. Plus she is really enjoying the view.
-little birds are nesting on the porches
- I borrowed 2 books from jennyalice that I really enjoyed:
Comfort Me With Apples, by Ruth Reichl was one of them.
-currently I am just into Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan. It is her more recent work. I like it so far. A very atypical plot and storyline.
-condo somewhat similar to this one is the market for just over $800,000.00
-I remember when going to the beach meant tryig to get tan. Now all I get is spots.
-i am booked tight for work. Lots of new clients. So that keeps rolling aorund in my head despite that fact that I did not let myself bring work related things to read or do.
-it is now 1 am and i should go to sleep...


  1. Sounds like a great trip! Definately need to get the mamas back there for some r&r.

  2. it does sound great, love the Ki and AJ anecdotes. made me wish i was back there with you and the other hot mamas...


  3. i love Jake at the beach.. he is a little harder to keep safe, but he really love love loves it.