Friday, June 22, 2007

The unfiltered life

AJ often lacks the social filter that would be expected of a kid his age. This and the impulsivity with the not formally diagnosed ADHD calls up lots of doing-without-thinking events.
Today we hoofed it down to the beach. Perfect weather and the kids and other beach goers were playing in the water and sand. I looked up and there was AJ standing 20 feet in front of me with his bathing suite mid-thigh and his white butt glaring. I yelled, "AJ! AJ!". Nothing. Ah geeze. I jumped up and ran to him. I figured he was trying to get some of the pounds of sticky sand off. Nope. I arrive at his side to find he's taking a wiz. Right there in the middle of the not-empty beach.
"You can't pull down your pants and take a piss on the beach! A.J., You CAN NOT take a piss in the middle of the beach!"
I know I am wasting my breath because what kid can stop a piss once he has started it. And why am I saying "piss" to my 8 year old? So I wait until he has finished the worlds longest watering job and I say it again.
"Mama, I didn't want to go all the way inside to go."

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  1. uhm.. I did not previously hear this story.. you are hilarious..