Sunday, June 04, 2006


Lately it feels there is always one big stressful box to check-off on the to do list. Then it is followed by 1, 2, or 3 more that have been there hiding. Or not hiding, but hding in my mind-ignored until I can even consider taking it on. no website, mom needs to move up-so much to do, she is sliding, i worry about her safety,
"they" think I should move a to another school-the home school of rich over educatedfamilies, I am scared
social things due-cumputer accounts dying
no clean underwaer
I m on the PTA an attending meetings, and I may not even have a child at that school
work-I have reports due
I haven't billed in 2 months
I need to follow up on tech's for some clients
need to impleent a behavsys for A
bless papa who is taking care of me by calling and fixing computer stuff that I don't even undertsand the lang for and hate calling on

bla bla bla

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