Saturday, June 10, 2006

iep's and friends

My buddy Lisa had her son's iep. She asked if I could join she and her husband. There were a total of 10 or 12 professionals there- I mean the ones that were paid to be there. Then Lisa told me she had also invited our buddy Char. So the mtg starts and Lisa and I leave a seat between us for Char. When she arrived I could feel half the room cringe and giggle to themselves at the sametime. That's right the Big Mama's were here. Char has a reputation, one that leads teachers to say to her, "You're not as bad as a heard you were." Not that she is rude or unkind-anything but. She is FULLY knowledgeable and self-educated on special ed law and is a fabulous advocate for her kids. She arrived with her law book in hand, pages marked, and she whipped it out and quoted a section on full inclusion when the shithead principal of Fish Gill school said, "full-inclusion is the most restrictive environment a child could be in." Char was shaking mad when she read.
I have attended another friends iep as well-I see myself as more of a mediator and clarifier. My bonus is I know the clinical terminology in terms of providing sound reasoning for the need of a variety of therapy services and in defining goals. And the people who have been with me know that too. I have to say, we are all generally quite pleasant women, but clearly not pushovers.
Mid meeting we took a break, Lisa, husband Stu, Char and I stepped outside. After a time the direc of special ed popped out to add another consideration. Then she said something along the lines of how we should form a parent support group and also go meet with the superintendent. Well, she is a smart one I have to say. She identified the Big Mama force and wants to capture it for the advantage of the special ed dept. I don't mind that, I admire her. Later at the park us Mama's talked about forming some type of special ed PTA. mmmm still thinking on how that could look.

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