Thursday, June 15, 2006

End of school year

Last day of first grade for A., and graduation from preschool (1 of 2) for Ki.A big busy day. I surprised them and had Grannie fly up this evening. They are very excited. The big plan is to go out to Denny's for breakfast. Pops took the kids there when I went to San Diego to visit Grannie. It was a HUGE hit. They, particularly A, are thrilled about going and taking me, and now Grannie. A. told me today- "Momma, Momma, Momma and guess what-they have the BEST coffee!" He is looking out for me and my addiction, my sweet boy. Not that he has ever drank coffee. And of course their coffee is probably pretty crappy. We have reviewed and been in awe of the contents of the "Junior Grand Slam" breakfast many a time since we planned our breakfast out.
Today he told me "Momma, you should wear those shoes to Denny's tomarrow. You have a skirt on today too(a rarity), you look nice."
"Oh, thanks big guy!"
"You're welcome Momma."
sweet kids

Tomarrow (yes the day after school) I have iep for A. Pops can't come b/c of work, and I finally just said-schedule it and I will come.
Bea has iep for Roberto at 9:30, mine is at 10.Mine is strictly sched for 45 min. fine, they agree to what I want, we'll be done quickly!
Bea and I were wondering how direc of spec ed, Mimi, is going to be in 2 mtgs at once. Also, are they messing with us b/c we can't take care of each others kids or attend each others mtgs if they are at the same time. I think just coincidental, but humorus. Yesterday I got a bit concerned about going alone as there are clear discrepencies in my ideas and the ideas of the inclusion spec. So I called Obi (Char) to see if she'd go with me. Atleast just to make direc Mimi, giggle (or perhaps clench her teeth) that us Big Hot Mama's keep showing up at each others iep's. The force is with us. I've been named Luke Skywalker. (The chosen one?)I'll be lgad when next years plan is settled.

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