Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes- I'll do that

I have heard there are personalities that are "starters" and there are others that are "doers or finishers". I am a starter. I get a high from planning, organizing and creating. BUT, I then have trouble following thru with my grand plans and over commitments. Then I add to the fun by creating my own chaos and discontent in any way possible. I am swimming in this today. The amount of undone, dropped and discontinued obligations, projects and relationships is making me gasp for air. The thing that is so annoying, and really makes me feel like folding in, is that I did this myself. I have a history of doing this, of being flakey and cutting myself off at the knees. It is not so much that i say "yes" too often it is these wacky behaviors I engage in. Always saying "sorry" is a cop out.

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