Monday, February 11, 2008

Face book

I am on facebook. Someone invited me. And she is cool and smart and I admire her so I joined or opened an account or whatever.
I am here to admit that I really have no idea how it works or what to do with it.

People email and ask if I want to be their friend. Well, of course that sounds great to the child ego in me. I just don't know what you do after I accet their invitation of friendship.

I saw that you could "poke" someone. It sounds a bit intimate to me. But I went ahead and did it anyway. Turns out that friend was a newby too. She emailed me and said she wasn't sure what it meant to be "poked". I said I wasn't ether.

In general, I guess my lack of knowledge and gneral interest kinda shows my age and my going challanges with the technical world.

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